Title: Protection of National Cyber Security: Awareness & Education

Year of Publication: March - 2016
Page Numbers: 61-66
Authors: Mehmet Tekerek, Yilmaz Vural and Murat Aydos
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computing Technology, Information Security and Risk Management (CTISRM2016)
- United Arab Emirates


It is identified that one of the greatest threats against security in the next coming ten years will be cold cyber wars against information systems between countries. National information systems utilize the information technology infrastructure of enterprises in order to satisfy personal or enterprise needs. In the past years, attacks were taking place with no discrimination of targets, however in the recent years; attacks are organized, deliberate and pointed towards national information systems. Personal and enterprise level information security must be established in order to avoid information security threats that try to hamper or even destroy national information security, cause tangible and intangible damages on individuals and enterprises. In order to reduce the impact of such cyber threats to minimum at the national level, there are necessary critical enterprise and personal security precautions to be taken. The establishment of the enterprise and personal information security which form the stages of establishing national information security at highest level and development of a national security policy are among the first things that need to be done. In this paper, the strategic national information systems are identified, then personal and enterprise information security that are important stages in providing security for national information systems are described. The necessary security tests and the importance of education and awareness are discussed in the following section. Finally, evaluations have been performed on national information security and proposals have been put forward.