Title: Proposed Optimization Technique for Maximization of Throughput under Using Different Multicarrier Systems in Cognitive Radio Networks

Year of Publication: May - 2015
Page Numbers: 25-33
Authors: Mona Shokair , Ahmed A. Rosas, Sami A. El-Dolil
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing (EEECEGC2015)
- Turkey


Beside the hard ware implementation problems in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs), some communication criteria’s are considering to generate CRN with improvement, reliability and motivation communication system. One of these criteria’s is how to maximize total throughput of the spectrum sharing CRNs to improve the Quality of Services (QOS) of Secondary Users (SUs), and adapt its communication parameters to communicate concurrent with primary system while assuring the QOS of primary users (PUs). In this paper, proposed optimization technique studies the power allocation strategies to maximize the total throughput of underlay CRN. This optimizing technique is based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) under the consideration of the maximum transmit power and interference constraints. Furthermore, this proposed technique will be applied on two different multicarrier modulation systems which are Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM). Moreover, some OFDM problem will be solved such as cyclic prefix and subcarrier overlapping in CRNs. Finally, the performance of the proposed technique for maximization of throughput will be investigated by using different number of PUs, SUs, subcarriers M, noise levels and fully utilized system under maximum power and interference constraints while ensuring the QOS of PUs.