Title: Ontology-Based Data Mining Approach for Judo Technical Tactical Analysis

Year of Publication: Dec - 2017
Page Numbers: 90-98
Authors: Ivo La Puma, Fernando Antonio de Castro Giorno
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management (ICCTIM2017)
- Greece


Coaches and other judo experts conduct technical tactical analysis of judokas to understand the techniques they use to win fights, and to identify defensive strategies to counter an opponent’s actions. Computer systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are used in the technical tactical analysis and in predicting results, injury prevention, talent discovery, and game strategy evaluation in various collective and individual sports. However, there are no studies related to the use of AI in judo. This paper proposes a data mining approach using an ontology for the technical tactical analysis of judo. As a proof of concept, a data mining tool was developed to identify sequential patterns in judo combat actions and assist in strategic decision-making. An ontology of judo fight was also developed and used to model the database. The approach was found to be valid as the tool yielded the information needed to satisfy the desired performance analysis requirement. As contribution, it is expected this paper enables the flourishing of new researches or applications through the ontology of judo fight as well as validates the model of mapping requirements performance analysis and data mining methods used in this study.