Title: Online Project and Assignment Submission, Management and Progress Monitoring System (OPAS)

Year of Publication: Nov - 2014
Page Numbers: 51-61
Authors: Poorya Bagheri Faez, Nor Azlina Abd Rahman, Khalida Shajaratuddur Harun
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Education Technologies (CSCEET2014)
- Malaysia


Online Project and Assignment Submission, Management and Progress Monitoring System (OPAS) is a system that enable the student to submit their assignment or project online without submitting any physical file. This system is integrated with Turnitin system to check the plagiarism percentage. Before the submission, the student needs to update their progress to the system and the lecturer able to view the progress and give comments online. OPAS is providing an online discussion, document sharing for student and lecturer and web real time communication technology. Any project that behind the schedule, the system will be able to send an alert to the student to notify the status. This paper is reviewing several similar system and technologies that going to be used in developing the prototype. The system design for assignment and project submission process is being discussed. The working prototype was developed and some functionalities are highlighted. The impact of the system to students, lecturers and university are discussed. The proposed system helps reducing and minimizing human error, capable to assist supervisors in process controlling and managing students. Supervisors can check the student projects’ statuses, the uploaded files online and assist them while they are working in the project if necessary. The proposed system decreases the complexity of managing projects for student by providing them with the current status of their projects and the progresses with their supervisors. Moreover, the proposed system allows supervisors to share documents and files with their students and communicate with them through video call and text chat.