Title: On the Utilization of GSM Cell Id for Mobile Device Tracking and Notification

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 46-50
Authors: Yazan A. Alqudah , Sufyan Almajali
Conference Name: The International Conference on Software Engineering, Mobile Computing and Media Informatics (SEMCMI2015)
- Malaysia


Location based services utilize mobile location to provide enhanced services to users. Although Global Positioning System (GPS) provides an accurate determination of mobile location, it can drain the mobile device battery and its reliability might be compromised in urban environments with dense and tall buildings. This work proposes a battery-conscious solution for locating a mobile device by tracking serving base stations. For applications where mobiles travel specified routes, such as school buses and public transportation, the mobile location may be determined by collecting serving based stations information along the routes. Our drive tests indicate that collected cell Id data is repeatable and can be used to reliably determine mobile location.