Title: Novel Performance Enhancement of University's Network Exploiting Cisco Network Design Model: Study Case on IUKL Network

Year of Publication: March - 2014
Page Numbers: 36-41
Authors: Yaser Miaji, Mufind Mukaz Ebedon
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Security and Digital Investigation (ComSec2014)
- Malaysia


Designing a campus university network or any type of network by improving the performance, security, scalability, manageability is something all the designer desperately attempts to achieve. The very first problem to be faced triumphing the optimum design. Designers are more focus on buying equipment to solve the problem by forgetting the business/technical goal and constraint for the company they want to implement the design. This paper proposes a novel university campus network model based on Cisco top down network design model. This model will ameliorate the design and therefore, the collection of all the information needed before implementing a network is a matter of time rather designs. This model has been implemented in the IUKL network. The results show an impressive improvement in the network performance in several metrics.