Title: Novel Boost Chopper Delivering Power During Both On and Off Periods

Year of Publication: Aug - 2019
Page Numbers: 71-76
Authors: Keiju Matsui, Mikio Yasubayashi, Eiji Oishi, Masaru Hasegawa
Conference Name: The Fifth International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2019)
- Japan


Photovoltaic power generations (PVG) have been used generally and spread broadly. Various power conditioning systems used in those have been also studied by many researchers. In addition to usual utilization, such PVG is often equipped for the time of disaster. Usually such solar panels having limited power are almost installed in limited area such as on top of the roof of the building. Some medical institutions have fairly desire to keep such PVG since they must avoid the medical service interruption. The generating power in such case is fair limited, so the system construction should balance the reduced power. Thus, it is necessary to improve the construction toward simple one. In usual PCS, power is converted by two stages, that is boost converter and normal inverter. In first stage, the dc power is adjusted to appropriate value. The conversion methods are presented in many strategies. In this paper, in order to pursue an ideal one, simple and concise power converter, especially novel boost chopper is proposed. Considering fair reduced power and narrow space of installation, the system constructions should be compact. The circuit which gratifies their operating characteristic is presented and analytically discussed about circuit construction as a novel boost converter. The circuit operation is confirmed by using the circuit software and a few experiments.