Title: Modeling Reactive Systems Using Cooperating Adaptive Devices

Year of Publication: Sep - 2014
Page Numbers: 144-155
Authors: Jose Maria Novaes dos Santos, Joao Jose Neto
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Informatics Engineering and Information Science (ICIEIS2014)
- Poland


n the literature there are formalism that can be formulated by a set of rules mapping one configuration into a new one, in response of some stimulus or event. Some of those classical formalisms are the Petri Nets, Statechart and Finite State Machine. They can be used in modeling reactive systems, which environment events changes its configuration. The adaptive formalism has been used for modeling environment changes because its formulation is appropriate for these problems, having a clear expression. The adaptive formalism main features is changing its behavior dynamically, changing its set rules in response of some environment condition. Some complex problems can be modeled using more than on device type, having some interaction between them. By this perspective we do not have a common formulation to represent both the formalism and their interaction. The aim of this paper is fill this gap by proposing a formulation that represent the device behaviors and theirs interaction. We call this formalism as cooperation adaptive devices. For illustration purposes we presented an application that can be modeled by this formalism.