Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 122-131
Authors: John Matthews, Mudasser Wyne
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND2013)
- Malaysia


Among the most difficult issues in dealing with the online gaming and virtual world markets are the costs involved in capturing subscriber’s payment information and the methods used to circumvent user unauthorized modification of player. Most of the game space or virtual world developers understandably focus on their content development, and have little or no interest or experience in the creation of the business required structures to host and run their creations.While there are several companies which do provide excellent business front end (account management, user financial records and transactions, etc.), they do so at a high cost. If a game or virtual world is popular, the hosting requirements for both the servers and the account management increase radically. In this paper we presentMMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Front-End that is designed to be a one time,low cost application to solve the account management and billing issues while still offer the security and adaptability of a high priced solution. We also designed a low cost series of the three most significant backend service databases to accommodate the smaller developer budget constraints. The prototype of the system has been implemented and technically reviewed by a group of users.