Title: Mining Patterns with Attribute Oriented Induction

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 11-21
Authors: Spits Warnars
Conference Name: The International Conference on Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mining and Big Data (DDDMBD2015)
- Indonesia


Mining data in human activity life such as business, education, engineering, health and so on, is important and help human itself in order to justify their decision making process. Attribute Oriented Induction (AOI) has been using to mine significant different patterns since was coined in 1989, has been combined and as complement with other data mining pattern. AOI has been proved and powerful, has future opportunity to be explored in order to help human life to find data patterns. AOI is chosen since can reduce many patterns by summarize/roll up many patterns in low into high level in concept tree/hierarchy. However, non summarize pattern at low level in concept tree/hierarchy can be used to sharpen the mining knowledge pattern just as like roll up and drill down in data warehouse. Mapping implementation of AOI in human life area such as business, education, engineering, health and so on, is useful in order to give valuable knowledge AOI mining pattern, particularly for those who interest with AOI data mining technique as data mining technique which can summarize many pattern into simple patterns.