Title: LMS-based Equalization in Filter Bank Multicarrier Wireless Communication Systems

Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 87-93
Authors: Mashhoor Al Tarayrah, Qasem Abu Al-Haija
Conference Name: The International Conference on Digital Information Processing, E-Business and Cloud Computing (DIPECC2013)
- United Arab Emirates


Multicarrier systems give many attractive characteristics for high data rates wireless communications. Filter bank multicarrier systems (FBMC) provide some advantages more than the traditional orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) with cyclic prefix (CP). The most obvious difference between the two techniques is in frequency selectivity. In this paper, we will design adaptive channel equalization algorithms for FBMC system with offset QAM modulation(OQAM). Our proposed algorithms will be optimized based on well-known cost functions, which is the mean-squared error (MSE) criterion and it is based on least-mean-square (LMS) algorithm. Thus we will have an adaptive equalizer with lower complexity because of applying the equalizer to each sub-carrier. We have used in our simulation practical channel information based on the International Telecommunications Union ITU Standards. In this paper, we aim to optimize and evaluate the convergence characteristic curves of LMS equalization algorithm per-subcarrier.