Title: Linked Data Integration and Consumption: A Case of Open-Interconnected Application in Swiss Administration

Year of Publication: Oct - 2015
Page Numbers: 13-22
Authors: Fabian Cretton, Zhan Liu, Anne Le Calvé
Conference Name: The International Conference on Semantic Web Business and Innovation (SWBI2015)
- Switzerland


Building government services with an interconnected administration approach is a worldwide trend aimed to solve the complexity of government-related processes. The connection between people and services relies on technical tools that could benefit from improvements at the data level, by more easily sharing and having a better interlinking of data from different sources. Linked data technologies have been developed to fulfill this universal need at the World Wide Web scale, and evolve it into a web of data. In this study, we move along the data lifecycle from linked data access onto its consumption and up to the design of end-users applications. As technologies for linked data publication are already at an advanced stage, we focus on the features needed for linked data consumption and present the framework we implemented in the “OverLOD Surfer” project. We apply the solution to our former work in eGovernment and semantic business process management to strengthen our assertion that the web of data approach is effective in supporting the realization of applications for an interconnected administration.