Title: Kansei Engineering-enhanced Collaborative Design of Promotion Poster

Year of Publication: Nov - 2018
Page Numbers: 81-87
Authors: Masatoshi Imai, Katsunori Shimohara, Yoshiro Imai, Tetsuo Hattori
Conference Name: The Fourth International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2018)
- Japan


Collaborative design is a good approach to obtain good results together with team and/or group effi- ciently and effectively. Our focused problem is to build the large scale poster for college promotion and the publicity of entrance examination. The mis- sion of building poster is important, therefore it is necessary to do information sharing as well as de- cision making in order to realize good performance and accountability in the process of design collab- oration. Kansei Engineering, i.e Affective Engi- neering, has been newly employed for the sake of realization of good performance and accountabil- ity, too. This paper describes the detail of an ap- proach to perform collaborative design enhanced by Kansei Engineering and demonstrates how to apply some kind of Web system into large-scale poster building as an example of information-sharing and decision-making support system.