Title: Intermediary Service for Electronic Material Retrieval from Libraries

Year of Publication: Sep - 2014
Page Numbers: 127-135
Authors: Danijela Tesendic, Danijela Boberic Krsticev
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Informatics Engineering and Information Science (ICIEIS2014)
- Poland


This paper presents an intermediary service for communication between the application for the visually impaired people (Audio Library) and the library management systems. By implementing this service, visually impaired people will be able to access electronic materials that libraries possess. The main purpose of this intermediary service is to gather all libraries and to be a single access point for the Audio Library in order to search those libraries. The aim of this paper is to describe software architecture of this service which is independent of library management systems used by libraries. This service is based on standardized protocols for exchange of bibliographic data. Usage of protocols makes the service available to other applications that want to search the library’s collections and retrieve electronic materials.