Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 94-99
Authors: Firas Ismail, Vinesh Thiruchelvam, Wilson You Wei Lim
Conference Name: The First International Conference on Green Computing, Technology and Innovation (ICGCTI2013)
- Malaysia


The focus of this project will be on selecting a suitable lifting mechanism for the harvester vehicle. Concepts generation are done internally by individual and externally among group in order to provide more intelligence ideas on the system. Advantages and disadvantages of the concepts are discussed then only select the best among them. While performing material selection, few different factors need to be considered such as material properties, cost and availability. During the selection, different types of materials will be analyzed so that the most suitable material can be chosen. Finite element stress and strength analysis will be performed as well to study the stresses, forces and deflection displacement of the complex scissor lifting structure to determine the suitable structure dimension. After that, 3D part drawings are drawn to check whether the parts fit each other without a real modeling construction that costs time and money. The final stage will focus on cost calculation which consists of raw of material cost, manufacturing cost, profit and also payback period. From the calculation, the payback period calculated is 2.09 years and proved that this project is worthy to be invested.