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Latest Articles

  • Examination of Digital Evidence on Android-based LINE Messenger

    During the last decade, the number of Android smartphone users has been increased rapidly. Cybercrime is also increasing since internet was established. Instant messenger is one of internet-based ...
    Authors: Imam Riadi, Sunardi, Ammar Fauzan
    Year of Publication: 2018 | 336-343 | IJCSDF | Vol. 7 No. 3

    In the legal world, a evidence of video recording has a high level of confidence and is often the evidence. This raises the issue of ensuring an original video or engineering result in digital ...
    Authors: Amirul Putra Justicia, Imam Riadi
    Year of Publication: 2018 | 328-336 | IJCSDF | Vol. 7 No. 3
  • WhatsApp Messenger Forensic Analysis Based on Android Using Text Mining Method

    The development of telecommunications has increased very rapidly since instant internet-based instant messaging services to Indonesia. However, on the other hand, many people abuse WhatsApp for ...
    Authors: Anang Marfianto, Imam Riadi
    Year of Publication: 2018 | 319-327 | IJCSDF | Vol. 7 No. 3
  • E-Government as an Anti-Corruption Tool in Yemen: Citizens Perspective

    Corruption is one of the main challenges in government in developing countries. , it has been considered as one of the most prevalent and persistent Obstacles in improving economic growth and ...
    Authors: Ikhlas Alhammadi
    Year of Publication: Dec. 2018 | 239-252 | IJDIWC | Vol. 8 No. 4
  • An Enhanced Algorithm for Cloud Scheduling with Setup Cost

    The study aimed at investigating the problem of online task scheduling of identifying job of MapReduce on cloud computing infrastructures. It was proposed that the virtualized cloud computing setup ...
    Authors: Redwan Al-Dilami, Adnan Zain Al-Saqqaf, Ammar Thabit Zahary
    Year of Publication: Sep. 2018 | 129-141 | IJNCAA | Vol. 8 No. 3