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Latest Articles

  • Enhanced Mobile Authentication Techniques

    Milenage algorithm applies the block cipher Rijnadael (AES) with 128 bit key and 128 bit block size. This algorithm is used in the 3GPP authentication and key generation functions (f1, f1*, f2, f3, ...
    Authors: Zakaria Zakaria Hassan, Talaat A. Elgarf and Abdelhalim Zekry
    Year Published: 2014 | 180-186 | IJCSDF | Vol. 3 No. 3
  • Composite Heuristic Algorithm for Clustering Text Data Sets

    Document clustering has become a frequent task in business. Current topic modeling and clustering algorithms can handle this task, but there are some ways to improve the quality of cluster analysis, ...
    Authors: Ekaterina Pshehotskaya, Nikita Nikitinsky and Tamara Sokolova
    Year Published: 2014 | 170-179 | IJCSDF | Vol. 3 No. 3
  • The Significance of Mandatory Data Breach Warnings to Identity Crime

    The relationship between data breaches and identity crime has been scarcely explored in current literature. However, there is an important relationship between the misuse of personal identification ...
    Authors: Eric Holm, Geraldine Mackenzie
    Year Published: 2014 | 158-169 | IJCSDF | Vol. 3 No. 3
  • Advances of Mobile Forensic Procedures in Firefox OS

    The advancement of smartphone technology has attracted many companies in developing mobile operating system (OS). Mozilla Corporation recently released Linux-based open source mobile OS, named ...
    Authors: Mohd Najwadi Yusoff, Ramlan Mahmod, Ali Dehghantanha and Mohd Taufik Abdullah
    Year Published: 2014 | 141-157 | IJCSDF | Vol. 3 No. 3
  • Performance Measurement for Mobile Forensic Data Acquisition in Firefox OS

    Mozilla Corporation has recently released a Linux-based open source operating system, namely Firefox OS. The arrival of this Firefox OS has created new challenges, concentrations and opportunities ...
    Authors: Mohd Najwadi Yusoff, Ramlan Mahmod, Mohd Taufik Abdullah and Ali Dehghantanha
    Year Published: 2014 | 130-140 | IJCSDF | Vol. 3 No. 3