Title: Improving Data Transmission Quality for Bluetooth Low Energy in Wireless Body Area Network

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 28-34
Authors: Dapeng Cheng , Yanyan Mao
Conference Name: The International Conference on Software Engineering, Mobile Computing and Media Informatics (SEMCMI2015)
- Malaysia


As an important branch of wireless sensor network (WSN), Wireless Body Area Network(WBAN) has great potential in the field of health care, smart home, etc. Recently, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) becomes one of the typical technologies of WBAN depending on its low power consumption. It is important to ensure the efficiency of ble data transmission. In this paper, we proposed EDTM, an efficient data transmission mechanism for BLE-based WBAN. EDTM improve packet efficiency dynamic scheduling packet type. Moreover, we provide an adaptive packet type selection algorithm which dynamic adjusting the packet switching threshold. Simulation results show that EDTM achieve better efficiency than traditional method. When the PER is 10–3, the efficiency of EDTM is 0:2 while that of DH5 is only 0:05. In two state Markov processes, EDTM has 0:13 efficiency more than DH5 when the PER is 6 × 10–4.