Title: Implementation of Authenticated and Secure Electronic Voting System

Year of Publication: 2015
Page Numbers: 16-23
Authors: Hesham A. El Zouka, Mustafa M. Hosni
Conference Name: The International Conference on Information System Security, Robotics Modeling, and E-Commerce Transactions ( ISSRMET2015)
- United Arab Emirates


There are several issues should be addressed and taken into consideration prior to initiating the e-voting system. The proposed system in this paper will ensure the integrity and the transparency of the electoral process. The paper will also focus on what's really needed to design a robust, secure and scalable electronic voting system that ensures accuracy, neutrality, transparency, simplicity, flexibility, Sustainability, and security of the information. With respect to accuracy, the system must be safe and secure in the face of numerous threats. In order to safeguard the neutrality of voter registration process, the system should not favour a particular party or group. Looking at the risks and benefit associated with transparency, the process must be clear in terms of counting the electronic votes, taking the political and legal setting into account. For simplicity, the process must be easy to understand for citizens and elected politicians. The simplicity allows for extreme flexibility in adapting to disabled and illiterate voters as well. All the above mentioned points will be addressed in the proposed contribution.