Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 514-522
Authors: Jonathan Ng Zhen Yuan, Wong Wan Ping, Yu Hui Wen, Wahidah Husain
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications (ICDIPC2013)
- United Arab Emirates


With the tremendous explosion in mobile devices in these recent years, mobile devices are able to be considered as a platform to deliver, access, and secure healthcare data information in mobile healthcare application. Although the rapid technology advancement in mobile device nowadays makes it gained more computing capability compared to the past decades, mobile devices still have the limitation of memory storage and battery capacity making them unable to run heavy algorithms. This paper conducts a comparative study on mobile computing to get a better solution for mobile healthcare application. This study included the comparison of mobile cloud computing architecture and its approach, and also the possible data management system for the healthcare applications. At the end of this paper, we proposed mobile cloud architecture relevant to health care applications that store and manage personal healthcare data. We believe that this architecture can bring benefits to healthcare center.