Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 137-143
Authors: Vitesh Shah, Satoshi Takahashi, Tokuro Matsuo, Roger Lee
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND2013)
- Malaysia


Advertising in tangible newspapers seems to be a dying method of advertisement, but it offers one of the most reliable ways to give consumers reliable and complete information about a product or service. There are currently some web applications that offer solutions for creating and submitting newspaper ads, but they are very limiting. Current solutions don?t give users the ability to advertise in other countries, local newspapers, or in sections other than the classified section of the newspapers. In this paper, methods are presented that allow anyone in the world to deliver an add to any newspaper in the world. This is achieved through the use of SQL database that contains each newspaper and relevant information about each paper. Each user can submit an ad to one of these newspapers. All ads and payment confirmation then becomes available to advertising agencies across the world who deal directly with the newspaper to publish the ad. The application was created based on results of a comparison of existing applications that deliver user-created ads to newspapers online. Experimental results confirm the success of the prototype under random conditions. Further study regarding user reaction will be disseminated at a later time.