Title: Generating Random Paths between Two Points in Space: Proposed Algorithm

Year of Publication: Dec - 2014
Page Numbers: 13-16
Authors: Ahmad Tayyar
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Social Media (CSCESM2014)
- Greece


In this paper, a computerized method is proposed to generate a random path that consists of finite number of points in space, those points are randomly generated in number. They satisfy the following condition: L(PiPn) < L(Pi-1Pn) Where L(PiPn) is the length of the segment (PiPn). This is a significant issue and should be taken into account for the importance of generating paths which cannot be predicted in advance, and every repeated generation gives new path in different way from previous ones. This contribution will be applicable to various fields, such as economic, engineering, militaries, and other fields of applied sciences. Furthermore, the suggested method depends on random displacements. Therefore, we generate random displacement at the starting point to decrease the remaining distance between the actual point (Pi) and the target point (Pn). This procedure is repeated at the end of the previous displacement to reach a point with a certain distance to the target point (Pn). The evaluation of the developed algorithm shows that the generated points are converged to the target point.