Title: G-4REPrioritization: A Guide to Help in the Prioritization of Requirements

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 75-89
Authors: José Júnior , Maria Lencastre, Sergio Galdino
Conference Name: The International Conference on Software Engineering, Mobile Computing and Media Informatics (SEMCMI2015)
- Malaysia


Prioritizing requirements allows handling conflicting demands and helps planning software development. It is essential for a software product to incorporate the most important and valuable functionalities as soon as possible, ensuring its success, especially when deadlines are short and customer expectations are high. So, establishing the relative priority between requirements helps to plan the construction of the product. But, while there are many prioritization techniques, there is a lack of available guidelines to facilitate their choice. This paper proposes a guide to help the requirements engineer planning and choosing the suitable techniques for his (her) projects, according to each project’s profile; it also presents a survey, applied in Brazilian information technology companies, facing the usage of requirements prioritization techniques.