Year of Publication: Jun - 2012
Page Numbers: 8-18
Authors: Waheb A. Jabbar, M. Ismail, R. Nordin
Conference Name: The International Conference on Informatics and Applications (ICIA2012)
- Malaysia


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communications and its applications have become conventional architecture in the wired network environment. However, they have not been effectively adapted to the ensemble mobile environment which composed of various devices such as smart mobiles devices, laptops, and device with embedded software. In P2P systems, each node can act as a client and as a server at the same time and shares with others its own data or resources. Many P2P applications are widely used in mobile devices for examples IM, VoIP, file sharing, social networks, and video streaming. In this paper, we present the existing P2P protocols for mobile environment along with its categorizations and applications. In addition, we consider the designing and implementation issues to enable P2P protocol to be implemented over heterogeneous mobile devices. Furthermore, we present the limitations in the mobile devices and the challenges to adapt the P2P communication technology to the mobile environment. Finally, we conclude this paper with illustrations of the future research directions, which is to develop a middleware with necessary APIs and implement an enhanced P2P protocol in the proposed middleware on Android-Based mobile devices.