Year of Publication: Jun - 2012
Page Numbers: 451-457
Authors: Suresh Shanmugasundaram, Divyapreya Chidamabarm, Sridevi Radhakrishnan
Conference Name: The International Conference on Informatics and Applications (ICIA2012)
- Malaysia


Resource Providers & Consumers to navigate purposefully in Cloud ambience needs three basic requirements: sensing the nodes, learning and reasoning the budget. In the existing system this is accomplished in a known environment in a predefined path. However, the pervasive presence of uncertainty in sensing and learning makes the choice of a suitable tool of reasoning and decision making that can deal with incomplete information, vital to ensure a robust Cloud system. This problem can be overcome by the proposed navigation method using Fuzzy Support Vector Machine (FSVM). It proposes a fuzzy logic based SVM approach to secure a collision free path avoiding multiple dynamic obstacles. The navigator consists of an FSVM -Based Collision Avoidance. The decisions are taken at each step for the providers & consumers to negotiate without collision. Fuzzy- SVM rule bases are built, which requires simple evaluation data based on the active participants in the Cloud at a given point of time. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by a series of simulations and implemented with a BOINC Manager.