Title: Experimental Comparison of Uninformed and Heuristic AI Algorithms for N Puzzle Solution

Year of Publication: Nov - 2013
Page Numbers: 43-50
Authors: Kuruvilla Mathew, Mujahid Tabassum, Mohana Ramakrishnan
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Informatics Engineering & Information Science (ICIEIS2013)
- Malaysia


This paper compares the performance of popular AI techniques, namely the Breadth First Search, Depth First Search, A* Search, Greedy Best First Search and the Hill Climbing Search in approaching the solution of a N-Puzzle of size 8, on a 3x3 matrix board. It looks at the complexity of each algorithm as it tries to approaches the solution in order to evaluate the operation of each technique and identify the better functioning one in various cases. The N Puzzle is used as the test scenario and an application was created to implement each of the algorithms to extract results. The paper also depicts the extent each algorithm goes through while processing the solution and hence helps to clarify the specific cases in which a technique may be preferred over another.