Year of Publication: 2014
Page Numbers: 64-71
Authors: Danlami Muktar, Fadhilah Ahmad, Zarina Mohammad, Hasni Hassan, Aznida Hayati Zakaria
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Informatics & Applications (ICIA2014)
- Malaysia


Examination scheduling system is an important and one of the recurring administrative activities in almost all educational institutions. This system helps in arranging examination for student which determines when, where and how exanimation is to be conducted. Creating good examination timetable system that will satisfy students, lecturers and the institution management is a very difficult task due to the limited resources. This limitation makes exanimation scheduling very difficult to handle. This research is to create a Decision Support System that ensures the institution management, lecturers and student are well satisfied, and all institutional resources are fully utilized. Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP) model was modified to reduce the level of conflict at each level of assignment and a hyper-heuristic to improve the assignment of resources. The proposed framework is shown to be a general examination scheduling problem because it does not require any prior information of the examination.