Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 173-179
Authors: Houssam El Ismaili, Hanane Houmani, Adil Lebbat
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND2013)
- Malaysia


Business-to-consumer electronic commerce (e-commerce), one form of which is Web-based shopping, is defined as electronic-based economic transactions conducted between individual consumers and organizations. While this form of ecommerce is forecasted to grow rapidly for the foreseeable future, it still represents only a small fraction of total consumer spending. To better take advantage and be prepared for this economic phenomenon, organizations need to identify and understand factors that may impact consumers' decisions to engage in Web-based e-commerce. Recently, the importance of E-commerce security has been discussed in both the academic and practitioner press. The impact of security on the use of e-commerce has been established empirically. The research reported here builds on the electronic payment security, we will study the security of e-commerce protocols in order to correct their faults and propose new protocols. In addition, we will propose a new architecture to ensure security of end-to-end electronic payment transactions regardless of the protocol used.