Title: Employing Intelligent Information Systems Technology for a Noble Design of Electronic Working Logs and Implementation

Year of Publication: 2015
Page Numbers: 24-29
Authors: De-Ji Jang, Chih-Yung Chen, Shieh-Shing Lin
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (AIPR2015)
- China


Focusing on the inconvenience of the traditional hardcopy working log sheets used in officers, this work proposes an Intelligent Information Systems Technology based a Noble Design of Electronic Working Logs (EWL) and employs this dedicated tool to a real agent. There are some special features in this work: i) Easily operational interface, users can simply and instantly inquire the on-line request of the EWL; ii) Instantaneously monitor the situation, supervisors can cleanly scrutinize the events; iii) Forever preservation, agent can conserve the electronic working logs forever due to the EWL. This work also implements the proposed EWL in a real officer agent and obtains some successful results.