Title: Electromigration: Estimation Methodology for the Sub-45nm Era

Year of Publication: Dec - 2014
Page Numbers: 173-178
Authors: George Floros, George Dimitriou, Georgios I. Stamoulis
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Social Media (CSCESM2014)
- Greece


Electromigration is starting to be one of the most significant problems considering reliability in integrated circuits design. The problem is induced by the large current density in circuit interconnections. Furthermore, the continuous reduction of the size of the integrated and the simultaneous increase of the currents flowing in semiconductors have introduced challenges in the design that increasingly are taking into consideration electromigration. The present work outlines the implementation of a tool that checks for violations in integrated circuits due to electromigration and calculates the mean time to failure based upon Black’s formula. Finally, the calculations take into account information like the self-healing effect and the mean current besides the maximum current, unlike most other academic and commercial tools.