Title: Effect of Online Purchased Goods Delivery Service on Environment

Year of Publication: March - 2014
Page Numbers: 1-7
Authors: Ahmad Nabot, Vanja Garaj
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Green Computing, Technology and Innovation (ICGCTI2014)
- Malaysia


Home delivery service is an essential service for online purchased goods. The need for reliable delivery system becoming necessary, especially in developing countries where e-shopping still in its early stages of development due to the lack of postcode system. Postcode system is necessary for both e-shopping users to identify their delivery addresses and retailers to find the location of the delivery address and plan delivery routes. This study aims to design a system to be used as an alternative for postcode system to enable e-shopping and improve the delivery service in Jordan. The system is based on using state-of-art positioning technologies such as GIS and GPS. These technologies have a significant role in reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions by reducing traffic and energy consumption. The designed system has been tested by distributing a questionnaire among 37 participants (retailer employees, delivery logistics employees, and university students & academic staff) whereas the collected data were analysed using SPSS. The findings indicates that there are statistically significant differences in terms of using the designed system as postcode alternative system, solving the problem of home delivery service, and improving e-shopping services and customers’ attitude toward such business in Jordan.