Title: Does Surfingtelling Change the Attitude toward a Brand?

Year of Publication: March - 2015
Page Numbers: 153-168
Authors: Xavier Menaud, Claire Camille Garcia
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on E-Technologies and Business on the Web (EBW2015)
- France


This article proposes to study a new phenomenon in the field of communication: Surfingtelling. Pictured as one of the evolutions of Storytelling on digital means of communication, this novel approach has not yet been the topic of academic studies. To fill this gap, this paper aims to answer the following question: Does the Surfingtelling change the attitude toward the brand? To answer this question, a two-wave quantitative study was conducted. The empirical setting used for the study was the internet video campaign conducted by Mennen, a deodorant brand owned by Colgate Palmolive. The first part of the study consisted in the measurement of the initial attitude for the brand Mennen; the second part, replicated the measurement three weeks later, following respondents' exposition to the videoclip. Following the analysis of the results, it appears that being exposed to the campaign has not modified respondents' attitude toward the brand; further the control variables used in the study (product category involvement, advertising involvement and attitude toward advertising) do not enable to extract different profiles of respondents and do not have either a significant effect on the attitude toward the brand studied.