Title: DOA Estimation by Controlling the Nulls of the Antenna Array Factor

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 1-5
Authors: Mohammad Mismar , Taiseer Ismail
Conference Name: The International Conference on Electrical and Electronic Engineering Telecommunication Engineering, and Mechatronics (EEETEM2015)
- Malaysia


A new method for estimating the direction-of-arrival (DOA) of unknown number of source signals is proposed. The angular directions of coherent and/or noncoherent signals are estimated by controlling the nulls of the antenna array factor. A genetic algorithm is used to find the nulls on the unit circle that minimize the array output power. The pseudo-spectrum is obtained by rotating the nulls on the unit circle and estimating the corresponding array output power. The simulation results indicate that the direction-of-arrivals are estimated accurately in the presence of a wide range of input noise levels.