Title: Development of Web Application to Support Program Learning of Python and Ruby with Error Accumulation and Analysis Facility

Year of Publication: Nov - 2018
Page Numbers: 41-45
Authors: Shunsuke Doi, Yoshiro Imai
Conference Name: The Fourth International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2018)
- Japan


Beginners of programming sometimes faced to such situation that they themselves considered to be very poor programmer due to receipt of several types of errors from compilers, interpreters and language processors. But we have to learn and teach programming in some computer languages from lower education to higher one. It is necessary for us to utilize suitable tools for effective learning of current computer language programming. We have designed and implemented a Web application to support program learning of Python and Ruby. With this tool, it will be more fruitful for learners to recognize numbers of errors, error types, and history to change numbers and types of errors in order to gain individual understanding level of programming in Python and Ruby.