Title: Development of an Intuitive Data Transfer Application for 3D Video Communication System in Synchronized AR Space

Year of Publication: Dec - 2015
Page Numbers: 86-92
Authors: Yuki Fujibayashi, Hiroki Imamura
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Digital Information Processing, Data Mining, and Wireless Communications (DIPDMWC2015)
- United Arab Emirates


Existing video communication systems, used in business or private life, provides file data transfer function. However, these systems need many manipulation steps by using mouse and keyboard. These steps are not easy to transfer files for the PC beginners. Furthermore, it is not intuitive action from the point of view of handing of things. In order to solve these issues, we have proposed 3D video communication system by using Kinect and Head Mounted Display (HMD). This system provides users communications with realistic sensation and intuitive manipulation. In this system, users can see the other user’s body part through HMD and communicate in AR (Augmented Reality) space. In this paper, we provide a intuitive file data transfer application by handing of AR objects using this system.