Title: Design of an IEC 61850 Based Communication System for DER Management

Year of Publication: Nov - 2014
Page Numbers: 1-5
Authors: Taein Hwang, Yoonsik Yoo, Shinyuk Kang, Ilwoo Lee
Conference Name: The International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and their Applications (EECEA2014)
- Malaysia


We design an IEC 61850 based communication system for DER management through a CTTS controller to be able to gather vibration, noise, and temperature values from environment sensors placed around distributed energy resources. The designed system performs a function to transfer DER-related data obtained by the CTTS controller to a DER management server based on IEC 61850 MMS protocols after converting the data into IEC 61850-compliant data. In this paper, we define a functional architecture of the proposed system and describe its operation in detail.