Title: Design of a Novel Video on Demand System in a CDN and P2P Hierarchical Overlay Network

Year of Publication: Jul - 2015
Page Numbers: 95-100
Authors: Hui-Kai Su, Ching-Ting Huang, Jui-Pin Tseng, Cheng-Shong Wu, Yuan-Sun Chu, Kim-Joan Chen
Conference Name: The Fourth International Conference on Informatics & Applications (ICIA2015)
- Japan


With the vigorous development of Internet technologies, people can already obtain the highquality audio and video streams based on the growing network fast speed. Video on Demand (VoD) services is one of the popular Internet applications. However, the traditional centralized VoD architecture has to face a massive number of users. Equipment and network bandwidth may be the system bottlenecks, and the service blocking will be suffered. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel Video on Demand system in a CDN and P2P hierarchical overlay network. In the system, the VoD service provider just only sets up a few infrastructure. The users can share their resource for exchanging video data cooperatively. Finally, the system load of centralized servers will be reduced.