Year of Publication: Jul - 2013
Page Numbers: 170-175
Authors: Marko Hassinen, Maija Marttila-Kontio, Niina Päivinen
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and its Applications (DICTAP2013)
- Czech Republic


Different Safety (such as Fire & Rescue) and Security (such as Police and Border Guard) organizations handle sensitive data and material both in office and in field work. Some of this data is sensitive, while at the same time there is a lot of public material that could and should be available outside these organizations. This paper discusses the obstacles in sharing both public and sensitive data between safety and security organizations as well as disseminating public data to the audience. To cope with the rather complicated legislation and to facilitate organisational interoperability in data system level, we have created an application architecture that in our opinion satisfies both the need for data security and access to the public data. Although the legislative approach is to the Finnish law, the fundamental regulatory ideology is quite uniform within the EU and we feel our approach can be utilized not only on the union level but in any freely democratic society.