Title: Cyber-Crimes in Iran: Definition and Analysis

Year of Publication: Nov - 2014
Page Numbers: 7-10
Authors: Mohsen Ghasemi Ariani, Fatemeh Sajedi
Conference Name: The International Conference on Cyber-Crime Investigation and Cyber Security (ICCICS2014)
- Malaysia


The cyber-crime as a notorious phenomenon threats nation’s security and financial health. And due to the development of internet technology, computer systems offer some opportunities for law breakings in Iran. Besides, Iranian policy makers are trying to prevent sabotage activities through the internet. While new cyber-related cases are increasing, Iranian Cyber Police (FATA) tries to discover and detect them. The present study is aimed at defining and classifying cyber-crime, its nature, and advantages and risks. It also directed it attention to scrutinize Iranian teachers’ attitudes towards this classification and what happens in reality. Based on interviews with university teachers, analyses show that some elements such as costs of cyber-crime, weaknesses of the current system, role of Iranian cyber police (FATA), and cyber security are fundamental factors. More importantly, the finding demonstrated that FATA should improve its infrastructures more to reinforce it abilities, hold more workshops and national conferences and also other Iranian official organizations such as Iran National Media and Legal System have to take serious actions.