Title: Context-Aware Service Discovery in the Internet of Things

Year of Publication: Jul - 2017
Page Numbers: 61-68
Authors: Shiow-Fen Hwang, Guan-Yu Chen, Chyi-Ren Dow
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2017)
- Japan


The internet of things(IoT) has rapid de-velopment in recent years, so that it is becoming more and more important in our lives. There will be more than billions devices connected to the internet in the near future. How to find the services (or resources) we needed in the internet is an important issue. There are many researches concerning the issue and a lot of novel schemes are proposed. However, most of them do not take into account the delay time and have high control overhead. Therefore, in this paper, we propose an efficient context-aware service discovery mechanism that employs a spanning tree and has shorter delay time, less control packets and energy consumption in the internet of things. First, a service discovery spanning tree is established according to the weights of nodes defined by the number of services, residual energy and distance. Then, an efficient service discovery mechanism is presented by using Bloom filter and the established spanning tree. Moreover, a maintenance mechanism is provided for nodes joining or leaving. Simulation results indicate that the proposed method outperforms TRENDY and CAEsAR in terms of the number of packets and average search time.