Title: Consumers’ Attitudes towards Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

Year of Publication: March - 2014
Page Numbers: 31-45
Authors: Mohammad Majedul Islam , Md. Enayet Hossain2
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on E-Technologies and Business on the Web (EBW2014)
- Malaysia


The aim of this study is to investigate the factors influencing the consumer acceptance of mobile banking in Bangladesh. The demographic, attitudinal, and behavioural characteristics of mobile bank users were examined. 292 respondents from seven major mobile financial service users of different mobile network operators participated in the consumer survey. Infrastructural facility, self-control, social influence, perceived risk, ease of use, need for interaction, perceived usefulness, and customer service were found to influence consumer attitudes towards mobile banking services. The infrastructural facility of updated user friendly technology and its availability was found to be the most important factor that motivated consumers’ attitudes in Bangladesh towards mobile banking. The sample size was not necessarily representative of the Bangladeshi population as a whole as it ignored large rural population. This study identified two additional factors i.e. infrastructural facility and customer service relevant to mobile banking that were absent in previous researches. By addressing the concerns of and benefits sought by the consumers, marketers can create positive attractions and policy makers can set regulations for the expansion of mobile banking services in Bangladesh. This study offers an insight into mobile banking in Bangladesh focusing influencing factors, which has not previously been investigated.