Title: Collect and Disseminate Layer Protocol for Searching Cloud Services

Year of Publication: Sep - 2016
Page Numbers: 7-14
Authors: Thamilvaani Arvaree,
Conference Name: The Fourth International Conference on Digital Information Processing, E-Business and Cloud Computing (DIPECC2016)
- Malaysia


Cloud computing is one contemporary technology in which the research community has recently embarked. Developers with innovative ideas for new Internet services no longer require the large capital outlays in hardware to deploy their service or the human expense to operate it. Searching cloud services over in Internet from service provider are becoming difficult to end users due to variety of services and resources offered in the clouds. Philip in his statement has mentioned about inexistence of standards, open protocols and search mechanisms for discovering different kinds of clouds in detail [1]. Lack of common cloud standards delayed the interoperability across providers. Thus, lead the cloud customer to face challenges and problems in selecting the right service provider that meets their needs [2]. The main objective of this research is to formulate to enhance the environment by having a search protocol that can ease users who are seeking for Cloud services.