Title: Centralized Smart Meter-to-Collector Communications Security

Year of Publication: Jun - 2014
Page Numbers: 8-14
Authors: Mustafa Saed , Nizar Al Holou and Kevin Daimi
Conference Name: The International Conference on Digital Security and Forensics (DigitalSec2014)
- Czech Republic


The Traditional Power utilities are gradually moving towards the Smart Grids. These Grids deploy a very large number of smart meters at the consumers’ sites using bi-directional communication networks based on Internet protocols. With the reliance on these protocols, the Smart Grids become vulnerable to various cyber-attacks. Smart meters collect consumption data and allow customers other useful functions. Consumers are worried about the privacy, integrity, availability, and confidentiality when managing their future power consumption. In an attempt to contribute to the protection of these smart meters from attacks, two approaches based on cryptographic protocols are proposed for securing the direct connection of smart meters to collectors.