Title: Behavioural Models for Business Usage: The Case of Online Social Network Users

Year of Publication: Jun - 2015
Page Numbers: 79-94
Authors: Akwesi Assensoh-Kodua
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Digital Information Processing, E-Business and Cloud Computing (DIPECC2015)
- Mauritius


Social computing researchers are devoting efforts to understand the complex social behaviour of people using social networking sites (SNS), such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, so as to inform the design of human-centered and socially aware systems. In light of this, this paper investigates the socio-psychological factors imparting on people to use online social network for business transaction. Predicting such intentions through a schematic model promises to be intriguing, yet it is rear in current researches. This study dares to capture behavioural intentions regarding the described phenomenon above. In order to validate the predictive capability of the models, an online survey was used to collect 300 useable responses from people who have used LinkedIn and Twitter social networking platforms for business transactions at least once, and analysed with the WarpPLS 4.0 bootstrapping technique. This result confirms the theoretical argument that the strength of user satisfaction to predict continuance intention is strengthened by trust. This results generally have practical implications for individuals who desire to offer commercial services on online social networking platforms.