Title: Authentication System: By Using Audio Key Phrase Identification

Year of Publication: 2015
Page Numbers: 1-6
Authors: Norhaiza Ya Abdullah, Herny Ramadhani Husny Hamid, Wan Hazimah Bt Wan Ismail
Conference Name: The International Conference on Information System Security, Robotics Modeling, and E-Commerce Transactions ( ISSRMET2015)
- United Arab Emirates


Security issues arise when confidential files are exposed and exploited by unauthorized party after authentication is being breached. Due to do the drawback of some security measurement such as key card mechanism, password input and biometrics approaches. These security measurements are guessable and have obvious point of attack. In this study, we explore more on the capability of audio to be utilized as an authentication mechanism. Authenticating using audio was not an easy task; many prototype and research need to be carry out in order find the most suitable approach. Where and at what scenario the authentication mechanism wants to be implemented is the most important factor to be considered. For audio authentication medium we use text to speech approach. We conducted analysis on text to speech from the database server that contains password key phrases. It is hope that the suggested outcome can be considered as one of unique authentication method in the market as well as it also effective and efficient due to several security issues can be resolved permanently.