Title: Architecture Model for a Web Application to Support Decision Making at Educational Institutions

Year of Publication: 2015
Page Numbers: 7-15
Authors: Yuri Vanessa Nieto Acevedo, Carlos Enrique Montenegro Marín
Conference Name: The International Conference on Information System Security, Robotics Modeling, and E-Commerce Transactions ( ISSRMET2015)
- United Arab Emirates


This paper describes the architecture of a web application developed and deployed based on Learning Analytics techniques, with the aim of supporting the academic decision making required of educational administrators, on behalf of students. Our work in this field involves a warehouse approach to managing the information supported by the platform. The data integration is modular, allowing the introduction of new databases through the use of a middleware platform, WSO2 Data Services Server, which takes data from different silos and makes them available as a set of WS style web services. The three layer web architecture model is explained in detail, and the subsequent deployment of the web application called UDLearn is shown along with the primary results obtained from its implementation at one of the largest public universities in Colombia, which are shown as a toolkit to help administrators to improve the impact of their decisions in the academy community.