Title: Approaches for Optimization of WEB Pages Loading via Analysis of the Speed of Requests to the Database

Year of Publication: Sep - 2017
Page Numbers: 58-63
Authors: Georgi Petrov Dimitrov, Galina Panayotova, Iva Kostadinova
Conference Name: The Fourth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (AIPR2017)
- Poland


In the current article and analysis, we have provided recommendations for decreasing the speed of web page loading. The biggest reason for this is very frequently not the system overload or the poorly written code, but the slow execution of the SQL queries. As a primary approach for optimization in this paper is viewed the possibility of SQL queries optimization. The creation of fast and efficient queries, taking the minimal required quantity of data is required for achieving good results. There are a lot of approaches for optimization but in this article, we have attempted to analyze one of the most frequently made mistakes – using VIEW with a big amount of columns. We have made recommendations for avoiding similar problems from the stage of web development in order to achieve a faster result.