Title: Applying Augmented Reality Technology to Promote Traditional Thai Folk Musical Instruments on Postcards

Year of Publication: Nov - 2014
Page Numbers: 64-68
Authors: Suwichai Phunsa
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Image Processing (CGMIP2014)
- Malaysia


This paper presents the use of augmented reality (AR) to distribute and promote Thai identity and culture. The first phase presents 11 Northeastern Thai traditional folk musical instruments such as Pong lang, Phin, Wode and Kaen. This method allows the user to view media as video, 3D modeling and original sound by using a trigger image in a postcard via their smart device. The researcher used the Aurasma application available on both iOS and Android from App Store and Google Play. After installing the application, the user needs to search for Auras or channel “IsanFolk” and Followers. After that the user can scan the trigger image placed on a postcard with a mobile device to view videos, 3D modeling and original sound. The results from the use of AR through user survey on both iOS and Android with Wi-Fi or a 3G connection via a smart phone or tablet showed that the samples expressed a highly positive level of opinion towards AR and they were interested because it is a new approach mixed with the presentation of Thai folk musical instruments. To conclude, AR is a challenging alternative which can respond to digital native audience and it can add a new dimension for arts and cultural conservation as well as other channels. The user could send postcard to members or friends domestically or internationally to listen to Thai music which is rare nowadays.