Title: Analysis and Modeling of Symmetric Slab Dielectric Structures to Solve Electrical and Magnetic Transverse Modes

Year of Publication: May - 2016
Page Numbers: 51-62
Authors: Abdulati Abdullah, Moussa Hamdan
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Social Media (CSCESM2016)
- Greece


Optics devices have recently witnessed considerable improvement by fabricating them in terms of the change in integrated optical circuits’ properties. Previously, the optical devices were adequate to propagate electromagnetic fields, whereas they are not appropriate for present integrated optics devices because the optical devices (e.g. glass lenses) were very large compared to the wavelength. This paper concerns with solving the guided modes. It is useful to start with a simple case of slab structure. The symmetric dielectric planar waveguides are the simple case to demonstrate the mechanisms of solving the TE-Mode and TM-Mode of optical structures. The optical wavelength is selected to be 1𝜇𝑚 which provides the appropriate propagation constant modes (𝛽) . This gives an effective refractive index which meets the condition of the field confinement in the core region. By including the active semiconductor lasers, the optical structures have experienced a significant improvement since they operate at sub-wavelength compared to the conventional structures. Simulations are carried out using MATLAB with Simulink tools to study the fields’ behavior.