Title: An Ontology-based 3D Audio Metadata Management System

Year of Publication: Oct - 2015
Page Numbers: 28-34
Authors: Jaemin Hwang, Jeonghyeok Kim, Joohyung Song, Jaekwon Kim, Jongsik Lee, Sanggil Kang
Conference Name: The International Conference on Semantic Web Business and Innovation (SWBI2015)
- Switzerland


In this paper, we develop an ontology-based 3D audio metadata management system. We also define an ontology hierarchy structure for 3D audio metadata. Conventional audio metadata databases (DBs) have to be worked with manually to search and manage the metadata, because audio metadata is not indexed and not supported by most systems. To solve this problem, we propose a 3D audio metadata database management system (DBMS). In the experiment section, we show the feasibility of our system.