Title: An Interactive Webbased Expert System Degree Planner

Year of Publication: Nov - 2013
Page Numbers: 302-308
Authors: Neil Dunstan
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Informatics Engineering & Information Science (ICIEIS2013)
- Malaysia


A webbased degree planner utilizing Extensible Markup Language (XML) and expert systems is described. A degree server hosts an XML file for each degree, describing its units and rules. The rules are imported by the client generic web page and used to provide a custombuilt user interface consisting primarily of a pallet of unit choices, and semester time slots. Degree rules in XML format are converted to Prolog code. The equivalent Prolog expert system enables the server to handle expert system queries. These queries are generated via Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) form handling and massaged into Prolog queries by generic Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs. The system design clearly separates user interface handling at the client and expert system handling at the server. The serverside expert system processing ensures provision of service without the need for specially installed plugins. The planner creates a learning environment where students can explore solutions to degree program and enrolment options.